How Regal Dreamzzz began…

In early 2018, I was visiting my father in his new nursing home. When I arrived I was saddened to see my once dignified dad slumped over in his geriatric chair, sound asleep, but looking so uncomfortable. I knew that I could do nothing about his end of life experience but I also knew that I could make him more comfortable.

I quickly added a throw pillow to his bed pillow to support his head, but that only pronated his head forward. I found a travel pillow and put that around his neck. I fussed so much, I woke him up and as he reached up to hug me, all of the pillows fell to the floor. The loving caregiver swept by, picked up all of the pillows and put them behind his head. “Oh, no,” I thought, “that is dirty,” as I looked at the floor.

I returned to my mom’s home and find a solution online so I could order it and have it delivered post haste. Finding nothing, I was determined to create a pillow system that would support my dad’s head and neck while strapping securely to the back of his geriatric chair. My father and I would facetime each week and I would share with him the progress of my creation. During these conversations, I was overjoyed to see his latent business talents resurface and Regal Dreamzzz emerge from our collaboration. My father passed in the early stages of my business but his lasting wisdom gives me daily inspiration.