How to get your own Regal Dreamzzz

For the first time Regal Dreamzzz is now being made available to the Consumer Market. Currently, Regal Dreamzzz provides optimal comfort for those who need it most:

  • Seniors
  • Cardiologist Patients
  • Eye Surgery Patients
  • Stroke Victims
  • During Chemotherapy Treatments
  • Patients recovering from Brain Surgery
  • Yoga Studios
  • Oral Surgery Patients
  • Chiropractic Patients

How can you buy one (or two)?

Do you want to be added to the Preferred Customer List? Just email Sales@Regal Dreamzzz .com with your name, email address and number of Regal Dreamzzz pillow covers you would like to purchase.

Regal Dreamzzz will now notify those interested in purchasing our product before we sell out to the medical community.

Add your name to our Preferred Pre-Sale Customer List, so you can be notified when the next lot is ready. Email